Fender Tag


The fender tag is read left to right from the bottom up - the last line is line 1. 


Line 1

E74        426 Hemi Engine
D32        Heavy Duty 727 TorqueFlite Automatic Transmission
WS23     W = Coronet Family; S = Special price class; WS together = Charger R/T; 23 = 2 door hardtop
RIA         R = 426 Hemi Engine; 1 = 1971 model year; A = Lynch Road, Detroit plant.
Blanked   Sequential production number - part of the VIN.


Line 2

EV2        Body Color: Hemi Orange - optional cost High Impact Color.  
D6XW     D = Deluxe price grade; 6 = Vinyl bucket seats; XW = White and black interior
TX9        T = Upper door frame color; X9 = Black
129        Scheduled build date - this car was scheduled to be built on Friday, January 29, 1971
B51289   Shipping Order Number - B indicates that the car was built for Canada; this number is printed on
              the Broadcast Sheet.

Line 3 

EV2        Roof Color: the roof color is the same as the body color - Hemi Orange.
C           C indicates the car was built for Canada.
C16        Console - this was not standard equipment on a Charger R/T even though bucket seats were.
N96        Ramcharger hood - standard equipment on a Hemi Charger.

Line 4

26          26” radiator - this was standard equipment on a Hemi Charger.
G36        Dual colored racing mirrors - optional cost.


Line 5
Empty     Lynch Road could have listed more options that were on the car but didn’t! (see below)


Line 6

15128     15 = Gate sequence number; 128 = Base sequence number; these number are used internally at
              the plant to track the movement of the car; these numbers are not printed on the Broadcast Sheet.
149340   Line Sequence number; used internally at the plant to track the movement of the car; this number
              is not printed on the Broadcast Sheet.
408         Engine/transmission code = 426 Hemi with an automatic transmission and a heater; this code is
              printed on the Broadcast Sheet.
047         Axle/brake code = 3:55 axle ratio; 8 3/4 rear axle; front disc brakes; rear 10” drum brakes; this
              code is printed on the Broadcast Sheet.




Lynch Road Fender Tags

The common name is the fender tag but Chrysler actually called these body code plates. The data printed on the tag can be decoded to show the options on the car, the motor and transmission and the Chrysler factory that built the car. The tag also shows the VIN. 


This car was built at Chrysler’s

Lynch Road
plant in Detroit, Michigan. Fender tags produced by this plant are slightly different from tags produced at Chrysler’s other manufacturing plants:


1.   Lynch Road
did not list all the options on the fender tag. Other Chrysler plants stamped almost all of the options onto their fender tags.


Lynch Road
stamped the “engine/transmission” code and “brake/axle” code from the Broadcast Sheet onto the fender tag. The other plants did not do this.

3.   Lynch Road
did not use the "END" stamp on the tag to indicate the end of the options.

4.   Lastly,

Lynch Road
hung the fender tag from the dash as the car passed through the paint line. This is why the fender tag has the exterior color over sprayed on it. Other plants, and sometimes
Lynch Road,
would screw one side of the fender tag to the car, bend it up to paint under it, then screw it down and paint the entire fender tag with the car's exterior color.