1971 Dodge Charger

Found in a Basement?

Everyone has heard of finding cars in barns...well, this is a story of finding a car in a basement! The previous owner had stored the Hemi Charger in his basement for 15 years and was always going to restore it but never did. He had a hydraulic lift installed in one of the garage bays to lower cars into his basement. There were 4 cars in his basement but the Charger was the only Mopar among a collection of “brand X” cars - one is visible in the picture above.

This is 1 of 12 Hemi Charger R/Ts sold new in Canada in 1971 and it has remained in Canada ever since. The car has been restored to a “visually and mechanically perfect” condition which means it looks and performs exactly how it did in 1971. The restoration was not a “date correct air in the tires” restoration since there are several low-mileage, unrestored 1971 Hemi Chargers to meet this standard. 

Al Brown


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